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Undoubtedly, if we want to name one of the luckiest curtains in history, we should mention the Venetian curtain. These curtains, with their simple, elegant and dignified structure, have been in guest houses since the past. From nostalgic and old houses such as grandmothers’ houses to the most stylish and modern houses today, Venetian blinds have been accepted. These curtains are compatible with any type of decoration. It doesn’t matter if you have arranged your house in a rustic style or if you are a fan of minimal and modern styles.

Venetian blinds are actually shutter blinds that have narrow, uniform horizontal blades. One of the big reasons for the popularity of Venetian blinds is the ability to control the light through the blades of this blind. You can open the Venetian blind completely upwards and enjoy the endless light that generously pours from the window frame into the interior space or let the light through the thin blades of this curtain in your guest house.

The light shining through these blades creates a dreamy and pleasant atmosphere. Venetian blinds in Dubai are one of the best selling blinds for homes, offices, stores, hotels and hospitals. Continue with us to examine the types of Venetian blinds in Dubai.

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Different types of Venetian blinds

If you look at the appearance of Venetian blinds, you will see a curtain with a nostalgic but simple structure, whose narrow blades can rotate along the horizontal axis, thus controlling the intensity and angle of lighting. Different types of Venetian blinds can be classified in terms of design and color, material, size, and brand. These curtains look good in any kind of space. It doesn’t matter whether you want to cover the frame of your cozy balcony or you want to choose a suitable curtain for the bathroom. Even in terms of decoration style, this curtain cannot be limited.

The Venetian blind is a beautiful example of a curtain that can adapt to any environment by breaking all spatial and temporal limitations and aesthetics. If you take a look at interior decoration magazines, you will see that these curtains have been a guest of every home since the past. In the following, we will examine different types of Venetian blinds from different angles. be with us.

  • Types of Venetian blinds in terms of blade material

Often we remember Venetian blinds with aluminum shutters. Although this image is not the wrong image, Venetian blinds are not only made of aluminum. These curtains can be produced in different materials such as wood, aluminum, and vinyl. The variety in the material of this blade has been able to fuel more applications of these curtains. For example, if you plan to install Venetian blinds in a humid environment such as a bathroom, it is better not to go for wooden blades.

Aluminum blades are rust-proof and vinyl blades made of compressed plastic are also highly resistant to rotting. The positive thing about Venetian blinds with wooden blades is that these curtains give a warm and intimate atmosphere to the space and are considered a stylish and formal choice for office environments.

  • Types of Venetian blinds in terms of size and blade width

If we want to examine the different types of Venetian blinds in terms of the size of the blades, we should mention two categories: Micro and Mini. However, Venetian blinds can be between 1.5 and 5 cm wide. Basically, the size of the blades does not affect the performance of the curtain, but it can affect its beauty.

  • Types of Venetian blinds in terms of design and color

One of the wonderful features of Venetian blinds is that it is possible to buy these blinds in a variety of designs and colors. From black, white, golden, and beige colors to hot and happy colors such as red, green, and pink. You can even buy Venetian blinds in patterned designs. So that after closing the curtain completely, a design will be printed on the curtain. Most offices and organizations use patterned Venetian blinds to display their brand.

  • Types of Venetian blinds in terms of the type of mechanism

If you were asked what is the strongest reason for the popularity and fame of Venetian blinds, how would you answer? You will definitely mention the ability to control the light with these curtains. If your answer is yes, you are right on target. Venetian blinds are used because of their extraordinary ability to control the intensity and angle of lighting. However, constantly pulling the curtain strap to manage the lighting can cause the curtain to wear out and fail.

Venetian blinds are produced in two types, motorized and manual, and the great advantage of motorized Venetian blinds is that you don’t need to touch the curtain to control the light. Just use the remote control to control the opening angle of the curtain little by little. Finally, you can set the most optimal lighting mode. Motorized Venetian blinds are usually used in organizations with a large number of blinds installed in them.

Buying Venetian blinds in Dubai

If your workplace is an office or an organization, you must have seen many challenges between your colleagues about opening and closing the curtains. Many times, employees tend to take advantage of the light and energy of the sun while working, while the sunlight shining on the monitor screen of their colleagues causes them to complain. Therefore, these challenges will continue to the point where conflicts may become very serious and create friction between colleagues. But these conflicts can be easily prevented. By installing Venetian blinds in work environments, you can create a favorable atmosphere in terms of a lighting system.

Venetian blinds have the ability to rotate at different angles, so you can easily adjust the angle of the blades in such a way that the light falls through the blades toward the interior, while the angle of light is oblique and direct to the screen. Monitors do not shine. By buying Venetian blinds in Dubai, you can turn your work environment into a pleasant and friendly one.

Buying Venetian blinds in Dubai is not only for work environments. These curtains are also the decoration of houses. Maybe you can imagine how Venetian blinds can be decorative with that simple and clean structure? Is it possible to find a positive feature in terms of aesthetics in this curtain? But make no mistake. After installing Venetian blinds, you will notice how much the atmosphere of your home has changed. Changing the mood of your home is not because of the effect of the curtains, but because of the space created by the light reflected through the blades in your home.

These curtains can be installed both in simple and minimal houses and in traditional and Iranian houses. So, if your house has a classic arrangement, don’t worry that it may add an awkward patch to your house by buying Venetian blinds in Dubai! These curtains, with their dignified and original appearance, will undoubtedly be the best choice for any type of decoration.

Simple cleaning methods, high durability and longevity, lightweight, diversity in design and color, flexibility, and creating a pleasant and lovely atmosphere are among the advantages of buying Venetian blinds in Dubai. In addition to these benefits, you can also benefit from the installation of Venetian blinds in Dubai, provided that your geographic location is compatible with our service area.

Selling Venetian blinds in Dubai

If we list a list of the best-selling curtains in history, do you think which curtain will stand out at the top of this list? With the explanations given, it is unlikely that your guess will be wrong. If your guess is Venetian blinds, we must say that you guessed completely right. Venetian blinds are so old that we see deep traces of them in the oldest interior decoration magazines. There are traces of these curtains even in old black-and-white movies.

The secret of the longevity and popularity of Venetian blinds and the high sales rate of these blinds is nothing but their simplicity and practicality. Venetian blinds are suitable for any taste. The simplicity of the appearance of these curtains has made even the most demanding people want to buy Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds are sold in Dubai in various metal, wooden, and PVC designs. The variety of materials used to make Venetian blinds makes these curtains different in terms of price. Although, regarding the compatibility with different interior decorations, you can see a visible difference in the types of Venetian blinds. Aluminum Venetian blinds are mainly suitable for wet environments and are usually used in modern and contemporary settings. While wooden shutter curtains are also used in classical and oriental arrangements due to their special warmth.

Venetian blinds sales service in Dubai includes free consultation before purchase. If you are in doubt about buying Venetian blinds and need an expert opinion, we recommend that you definitely contact our consultants in the Dubai curtain collection to benefit from expert advice. Authenticity guarantee, fast delivery, and installation services are also provided along with Venetian blinds sales services in Dubai.

The price of Venetian blinds in Dubai

Venetian blinds are a great choice for privacy at home and at work. These curtains are used not only in homes and offices, but also in hotels and hospitals because they can control light optimally. If the Venetian blinds is closed, the path of light is completely closed and there will be no opening for light to penetrate. While opening the blades of this curtain slowly opens the path of light to the interior space.

What gives buyers more enthusiasm to buy Venetian blinds is the economic price of these blinds. Venetian blinds are one of the most expensive blinds and they are easy to install. Although the price of Venetian blinds in Dubai is relatively high.

The price of Venetian blinds in Dubai is affected by various parameters. One of these parameters is the material of Venetian blinds. Aluminum blades usually have a higher price and their durability and lifespan are longer because they are resistant to decay, brittleness, and rust and their cleaning is also very easy. In the case of wooden blades, there is an obvious difference between the price of Venetian blinds with artificial and natural wooden blades. Bamboo blades are also among the most famous Venetian blinds blades, which vary in price.

The size of the blades is usually an effective factor in the price of Venetian blinds in Dubai, therefore, when selling Venetian blinds, this parameter is mentioned as an important parameter. Blades that have a smaller width are usually more expensive because their production technology is different and costs more.

The size and brand of Venetian blinds are also influential factors in the price of Venetian blinds in Dubai. There are various brands in the market that offer Venetian blinds. These brands can be Arabic, Iranian, European, and Turkish. Naturally, the difference in the brand will be the reason for the price difference.

It is also necessary to mention that motorized Venetian blinds are more expensive than manual mechanism blinds. These curtains can be smart and equipped with different sensors. Naturally, the high-level automation of Venetian blinds leads to an increase in their price.

You can contact our experts to find out about the price of Venetian blinds in Dubai so that you can benefit from free and specialized advice on buying Venetian blinds in addition to the prices. In this collection, we have tried to minimize the prices. Therefore, by entering the Dubai curtain website, you will undoubtedly see the most competitive prices of your life.

Installation of Venetian blinds in Dubai

Venetian blinds are one of the easiest curtains to install. These curtains can be installed both inside and outside the window frame. However, it is very important to be accurate in your measurements. A mistake in your measurements and the wrong installation of brackets and clamps can lead to the tilting of the curtain. For this reason, we recommend that you get the help of experts to install Venetian blinds, especially if you plan to install motorized venetian blinds.

Our experts at Dubai Curtains are ready to provide Venetian blind installation services in Dubai. Just contact our collection so that the information about your address will be checked by our experts. If you are in our service area, our installation experts will be at your place as soon as possible.

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 Venetian Blinds are a tried and true window covering option that’s been around for centuries (Really! Find out more about their history)

Even though many more varieties of modern blinds have come onto the market since then, let’s see why Venetian Blinds are still a classic design choice for your home.

Venetian Office Blinds have 2″ horizontal slats made of aluminum, wood, or plastic, one on top of another. In Dubai, blinds with wooden slats are often listed as wood blinds, not Venetian. The slats are suspended by wide cloth tapes or cords which allow them to rotate in unison nearly 180 degrees

Venetian Blinds shop Dubai are a timeless and durable product that will serve your home for many years to come. offers Aluminium Venetian office Blinds, Faux Wood Venetian Blinds, and Wood Venetian Wooden Blinds all for a great price.

Venetian Sheer Blinds have become a classic window treatment option because of their popularity from the 1930’s-1950’s. In their heyday they were produced with wide cloth tapes. This option can give your room a nostalgic look and additionally prevents unwanted light from entering the room through holes in the slats. However, wide cloth tapes can be harder to clean than cords and can obstruct more of the view through the slats when blinds are tilted open.

These Blinds Are Becoming Increasingly Popular In The UAE And Around The World

Blinds, shades, curtains, shutters, and vertical blinds are some of the options for covering windows. The horizontal window blind, or Venetian blind as it is more often known, is perhaps the most prevalent. Venetian blinds in Dubai are thin material slats strung on a ‘ladder’ and fixed with an adjustment that allows you to vary the tilt and angle of the slats.

Venetian Office Blinds in Dubai is an excellent choice for covering windows and enhancing the appearance of your decor. We offer the greatest Venetian blinds, as well as a wide choice of other high-quality items and shades that enhance the beauty and elegance of your home.

If you want the same quantity of sunshine to enter the space, our Venetian Blinds is the ideal option. With these blinds, you can effortlessly control the quantity of light in your space. Venetian blinds help to strengthen the room’s atmosphere in this way. Metal Venetian blinds are inexpensive, simple to install, and can completely transform the look, feel, and mood of a room. It’s no surprise that metal Venetian blinds are the most popular window treatments.

You can alter the look of your blinds to suit your needs. Individual orders can be placed based on your requirements. Horizontal blinds made of plastic and metal, as well as a few times timber elements, make up our elegant Venetian Blinds in Dubai.

These blinds shelves are connected to one another, allowing you to swiftly modify the amount of light entering the room. These are the most regularly used blinds. Venetian Blinds are appropriate for any type of property. In the background, use a neutral color to keep things basic and modest.

One of the main reasons Venetian Windows blinds are so popular is that they provide homeowners more control over how much light they allow into a room. They do, however, have control over the level of privacy they desire. To manage the amount of light that enters the room, just adjust the angle of the blind’s blades from fully open to totally closed. If a person likes the maximum amount of light to enter the room, the blinds can be raised all the way up to allow the light to fully enter the room. This sort of window covering provides complete privacy

Best Venetian Blinds Dubai For Windows

Venetian blinds are a popular window treatment because they provide more versatility than most other window coverings. With the many styles and colors available, you’ll be able to find one that fits your home perfectly. We have many options like cordless electric Venetian Blinds Dubai, motorized Venetian blinds Dubai and blackout Venetian blinds Dubai so no matter your needs we can satisfy them. And because there’s no cords, it’s easier for kids and pets to use them too! 

When choosing these types of blinds, make sure to consider the amount of light that comes through your windows during certain times of day. If you’re looking for a natural light solution, try our solar shades Dubai with high performance fabric! They’re completely customizable which means you can choose how much light enters through the slats as well as what time of day it filters through. You also get all the benefits of shading from glare and heat from harsh sunlight. Solar shades are also great for offices where people need to concentrate on their work without distractions from bright lights.

Venetian Blinds Dubai Installation Services

Many homeowners are choosing to install Venetian Blinds in Dubai their homes. There are many benefits to installing venetians for your home and we want to share a few with you. For example, if your family has pets, you will love how easy it is to clean them up because they do not get dirt or debris stuck on the slats. They also provide an excellent way to control light and privacy while still being great at blocking out sunlight. It is easy to see why so many people love this type of window covering!

Also, these types of window coverings are popular because they come in different shapes, colors, and sizes which makes them perfect for any style or decorating preference. No matter what style you prefer there is bound to be something that would work well in your home! The next time you need window coverings installed, consider getting some venetian blinds. With all the benefits they offer it is no wonder that so many people have chosen to install them over other options like curtains or shutters.
Venetian blinds are a great way to add some natural beauty to your home. They offer privacy, and keep the outside world out while letting the light and fresh air inside. You can even make them look like curtains by rolling them up when you don’t want them down. Plus, they’re easy to use! They have slats that rotate open or closed so you can let just enough light or wind through. And if one gets stuck, there’s an emergency cord for backup. So many people who love the outdoors but also need their privacy often choose this type of window treatment because it’s the perfect solution for both worlds.

About Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtain Dubai has a large selection of Venetian Blinds that not only add depth and comfort to your furnishings but also allow you to simply manage your light and privacy levels. For a more contemporary style, explore our blinds selection. The sturdy material does not bow or rust, making them suitable for use in the kitchen and baths.

You may bring the natural beauty of our real wood Venetian shields into your home and obtain the maximum amount of light. Especially in your conservatory, where real wood brings warmth to the senses while maintaining the functionality of traditional Venetian blinds in Dubai