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Vertical Blinds in Dubai

You may not have heard the name of Lordrape curtains, but Vertical blinds are exactly the same as Lordrape curtains, which are very old. These curtains were installed in most of the old houses. In fact, these curtains existed when zebra curtains, shades, and sunscreens had not yet entered the field. Vertical blinds are among the curtains that are impossible to get old color and smell. These curtains have been modernized according to the passage of time and have changed from their old and traditional image. Therefore, they still have a special place in homes and offices.

Vertical blinds consist of vertical blades whose width is much greater than the width of the blades in Venetian blinds. However, they are unmatched in managing and controlling incoming light. With the help of vertical blinds in Dubai, the amount and intensity of light entering the home and work environment can be optimally adjusted.

Vertical blinds are mainly used in offices and organizations. These curtains are usually used in offices due to the ability to adjust the light optimally. However, houses are not without the grace of their existence. Vertical blinds are a good choice for windows that are exposed to intense light, because when the blinds are closed, the path of light is completely blocked, and when the blinds are opened, the light enters the interior at an optimal angle shines.

Vertical blinds in Dubai are a perfect option for minimal, simple, and dignified arrangements. So, if you have a house with a friendly and simple arrangement and you intend to buy vertical blinds in Dubai, you have undoubtedly targeted the right option.

Vertical Blinds Dubai

Different types of Vertical Blinds

This misconception may have taken root in your mind that Safa Vertical blinds are produced in a specific type and you cannot see a special variety in these curtains. While this notion is extremely wrong. Designers these days are maneuvering more than before on the design of Vertical blinds and have introduced modernized and stylish examples in different types of materials to the market. Although this curtain has less decorations, its practicality has made it less popular over time. In this section, we will examine different types of vertical blinds.

  • Different types of vertical blinds in terms of blades

Vertical blinds have different types of blades. The old Vertical blinds that were used in traditional houses and older offices were made of polyester fibers. If you remember, some low-quality examples of Vertical blinds made of nylon fibers would rot after some time and their weave would break. While polyester fibers are very resistant fibers and give a strong texture and structure to Vertical blinds. These fibers are almost anti-light and if the curtain is completely closed, the path of light will be blocked.

Vertical blinds can also be made of strong PVC or vinyl blades. These blades are made of compressed synthetic polymer and have very good strength. The positive thing about the vinyl blades is the excellent quality of these blades and their easy cleaning.

  • Different types of Vertical blinds in terms of design and color

Vertical blinds have attracted many fans with their simple and clean structure. The variety of designs and colors of these curtains is the reason for their popularity. You can buy different types of Vertical blinds in different colors. These curtains are sold in single color and patterns. Patterned samples are a good choice for classic arrangements, especially if they contain traditional and classic motifs.

Some vertical blinds have 3D designs. These curtains contain patterns that represent three-dimensional scenes at a glance. These curtains are a good choice for bedrooms and children’s rooms because they look like a painting.

The variety in design and color of Vertical blinds will fit these curtains in any type of decoration. You can use printed patterned Vertical blinds for offices. These curtains mainly display the brand logo of the offices and can be installed for advertising purposes as well. Therefore, when the curtain is closed, the complete printed design is displayed on the screen.

  • Different types of vertical blinds in terms of opening and closing mechanism

Different types of vertical blinds can be purchased in manual and motorized mechanisms. These curtains have different types of manual which are controlled by two different belts. One of the straps is for opening the curtain completely. By pulling this strap, the curtain will move to the left or right. The other belt is responsible for controlling the angle of the blades. By pulling this belt, the blades will rotate vertically to the sides.

Regarding motorized Vertical blinds, there is no mention of mechanical belts. These curtains are only managed with the help of remote control and they can also be managed through mobile phones. Provided that motorized vertical blinds have smart capabilities. The depreciation of these curtains is very low and they are suitable for organizations that have a large number of curtains installed in them.

  • Types of Vertical blinds in terms of the width of the vertical blades

Vertical blinds can be varied in terms of the width of the vertical blades. 9 cm and 13 cm sizes are among the most sold vertical blinds. Some vertical blinds have narrower blades and others have wider blades. This issue mainly affects vertical blinds from an aesthetic point of view, otherwise, all vertical blinds are the same in terms of performance and efficiency.

Buying Vertical Blinds in Dubai

You might think that buying vertical blinds these days is unfashionable. Or if you think that the era of using these curtains is over and few people choose Vertical blinds anymore, this is not the case. Vertical blinds are still on the market and have many fans. Especially if you love simple, minimal, and clean arrangements, you will certainly be interested in these curtains. One of the most important advantages of buying Vertical blinds in Dubai is the simple mechanism and ease of use of these curtains.

Light control in vertical blinds does not require special precision and obsession. You don’t need to work on the screen for a long time to find the best position for lighting. As soon as you pull the strap of the Vertical blinds, these curtains adjust at the best angle.

We can safely say that you will not find this feature on any other screen. Of course, it might be an exaggeration to talk about this with certainty despite the presence of Venetian and zebra curtains, but it must be said that light control by the vertical blades of Lorraine Vertical blinds is much easier than any other curtain.

Buying vertical blinds is a practical solution for people who love light and brightness but want to be safe from its direct radiation. With the help of vertical blinds, you can welcome the light in the interior without worrying about direct sunlight.

If we want to talk about other advantages of buying Vertical blinds in Dubai, it would be unfair if we don’t talk about the durability and longevity of these curtains. These curtains do not die as market people say and they do not wear out prematurely in any way. Therefore, if you are looking for the most durable and original curtains, we suggest you buy Vertical blinds in Dubai.

Vertical blinds are the best choice for dark environments, but do we give this theory only because of how these blinds control light? no Vertical blinds are easy to clean, and you don’t need to use a washing machine or harsh methods to clean them. As soon as you put a damp cloth on the Vertical blinds, these curtains will be cleaned. You can contact our experts before buying Vertical blinds in Dubai to get free expert advice.

Selling Vertical Blinds in Dubai

Vertical blinds usually go well with any type of decoration. These days, people’s taste has gone towards minimal and pollution-free arrangements. Therefore, if you think that the sale of vertical blinds in Dubai has fallen off, you are very wrong. These curtains are still at the top of the best sellers. You can buy vertical blinds for the kitchen, bathroom, children’s room, office, living room, and balcony.

These curtains are the best option to protect home appliances from the harmful rays of the sun. Especially if maintaining the health and quality of your home furnishings is important to you and at the same time you love the bright and energizing rays of the sun, we recommend you buy vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds are sold in Dubai in various designs and sizes. You can buy vertical blinds for both small and tall windows. Therefore, there is no limit to the dimensions. Also, if you are a fan of 3D designs, you want the Vertical blinds of your home to shine like a beautiful work of art in the window frame, we promise you that the sale of patterned Vertical blinds with 3D design is also on the list of Dubai curtain products and services.

The sale of vertical blinds in Dubai comes with a guarantee of authenticity, fast delivery, and free consultation before purchase. You can also benefit from the installation of Vertical blinds if you are in our service area. For this purpose, contact the Dubai curtain experts.

The price of Vertical Blinds in Dubai

If we want to talk about the key features of vertical blinds, we must point out that vertical blinds are expensive in Dubai as one of the most key features. Vertical blinds are among the most economical curtains, and at the same time, they will appear much more practical than other curtains. You can install vertical blinds in your home or workplace and benefit from its pleasant light while relaxing from the strong rays of the sun. The price of vertical blinds in Dubai is basically a function affected by various parameters.

This price can depend on the material of the curtain blades. The blades of Vertical blinds can be made of bamboo, PVC and resistant polyester fibers. Naturally, each of these materials has different pricing. The size of the blades is also an effective factor in the price of Vertical blinds. Narrower blades usually cost more.

As mentioned above, vertical blinds can be motorized or manual. Of course, motorized vertical blinds are more expensive because they have a more complicated mechanism. Especially if smart features are added to them. Of course, let’s also say that by buying motorized vertical blinds, you may pay a higher price at the moment, but you are safe from maintenance and repair costs in the long term, and this means a unique economic savings in the long term that by buying motorized vertical blinds It will be yours.

Other factors affecting the price of vertical blinds in Dubai include curtain dimensions, curtain brand, country of manufacture, quality of technical parts such as rail, motor, and gearbox, benefit from warranty, and features such as anti-UV and color stability. You can contact our experts to know the price of vertical blinds in Dubai to know the new prices.

Installation of Vertical Blinds in Dubai

Vertical blinds are easy to install. These curtains are mainly installed by buyers, however, not all people are skilled in installing curtains, so it can be said that most people will need the services of installing Vertical blinds in Dubai. Vertical blinds installation service in Dubai is only for people whose geographic location is within the service area of Dubai Blinds Group. Therefore, in order to make sure that you can benefit from the services of installing Vertical blinds in Dubai or not, just contact our experts to find out about the range of services.

The process of sewing and sending Vertical blinds in the Dubai curtain collection takes a few working days, so you can set up your favorite decoration in your home and work environment as soon as possible. The installation of these curtains in the Dubai curtain collection is done by professional experts, so you can rest assured about the final quality and beauty.

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Vertical Blinds Dubai

Vertical Blinds Dubai give a stylish and trendy feel and look to any space. Choosing Vertical Blinds as your window application offers a host of benefits. These are the perfect choice for large and wide windows as well as sliding doors. Use of horizontal blinds to cover long and wide windows is often difficult, but with Blinds, you can easily fill the space without spending a fortune.

Vertical Blinds give an elegant and sleek look while offering privacy. You can adjust them in different ways, including sliding them to the left or right and keeping them open or closed. With these blinds, you can exercise optimal control of the natural light you want inside your house. When you completely close binds, they provide complete privacy.

These modern Vertical Blinds can be operated using motors. You can also automate them to open and close at a certain time during the day. This allows you to control how much sunlight you want inside your home to minimize the entry of UV sun rays and prevent damage to your interior and furnishings.

Vertical Blinds Supplier Dubai

Vertical blinds have long been regarded as one of those necessary evils to which we pay little attention. They are something that keeps the sun out while also providing a decorative element to your home. Many people are astonished to learn that vertical blinds have additional benefits. They can save you money in a variety of ways by managing the light.

Vertical Blinds Installation Service in Dubai

Vertical blinds Dubai can help you save money in a variety of ways. The heat index will begin to drop when the number of rays of the sun that enter rooms is reduced. You will save money on electricity and air conditioning during the summer months. During the winter, vertical blinds can also help you save money. Less heat will escape if the windows are covered with a good, robust vertical blind.

Finally, blinds are beneficial to one’s health. You will have fewer headaches and eyestrains if you restrict the sun’s rays to a minimum. Your rooms will be ideal for reading and studying. Because vertical blinds lessen glare, viewing television is no longer a challenge.

We provide exceptional control over the amount of light in a room at curtains Dubai. When closed, they provide privacy and protection from direct sunlight. To combine fire and seclusion, tilt them to the correct angle, or bring them back to a direct outdoor view.

Our Vertical Blinds In Dubai Come In A Variety Of Stylish Hues

With all of the color and design options available, you can be sure that Vertical Blinds In Dubai will complement your home. Use our image collection to explore how a striking hue or a subtle, neutral tint could look in your window. We have a lot more textiles in our comprehensive variety to choose from, and your advisor will show them to you.

Our custom-made fabric’s design and functionality Blinds provide the perfect blend of light and privacy. Sunlight will stream into your room, but inquisitive eyes will be kept at bay. The fingertip controls the shading rates. Our blinds are available in a variety of high-performance fabrics.

You will have no trouble finding the perfect set of blinds for your home or business with all of the accessible curtains and blinds stores in Dubai. To be a knowledgeable consumer, visit our blinds stores as possible so that you may compare products at the lowest and most affordable price.

Enhance Your Windows With Vertical Blinds Dubai

Vertical blinds offer a great way to enhance the look of your home while still keeping it functional and practical. With a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a solution that fits your needs. They also make great window treatments for offices and other commercial properties! Here are 5 benefits to installing vertical blinds: 

– Versatility. Vertical Blinds Dubai can be installed inside or outside the window frame. Inside the frame they are used as window coverings, providing privacy and blocking light. Outside the frame they are often installed on windows where one side is fixed permanently open to provide fresh air. In this situation, the back side of the slats slides up and down when necessary to allow for ventilation. You may want to consider using this type of setup if you live in a warm climate with lots of natural light. 

– Ease of Use. When you want more sunlight coming into your space or want some privacy, all you need to do is adjust the slats accordingly by either lowering them or raising them depending on your desired effect. Vertical blinds also have a narrow profile so they don’t take up too much room in your window and can even help block heat transfer. Finally, you can control how much sun enters through your window with just the touch of a button (great if you work an early shift).

Vertical Blinds Dubai Supplier & Installer

 The first and foremost benefit that comes with installing Vertical blinds Dubai is the ability to protect your family from the harmful UV rays. These types of window coverings are perfect for those who like to keep their home a little cooler during the summertime without having to use air conditioning all day long. If you have pets and want to keep them away from windows, then these are an ideal option for keeping them away from dangers outside as well as inside your home. These shades will also help you save money on energy bills. 

They’re also perfect if you don’t want anyone looking into your home through your window or if you simply don’t feel comfortable sitting near a window because it’s exposed to the public eye. Not only are these benefits excellent reasons for investing in this type of window covering, but there’s no need to worry about installation costs as we offer free estimates and installation services! Contact us today to learn more about our products, offers, and pricing. Our friendly representatives will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

They come in a variety of colours and designs so they can match virtually any style. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results when working with our company due to our years of experience in this industry and superb customer service skills. Once installed, you’ll love how they look throughout your home while still being able to enjoy the beautiful views outside your window!


Blackout curtain Dubai vertical blinds come in a variety of quality, as well as décor and color options. Low-cost stitch-bonded textiles make vertical blinds more economical; however, attractive woven fabrics can provide for lovely vertical blinds that adorn and enhance space for a modest price premium.

If you are looking for a useful new decoration or have an older blind that isn’t working, our Blinds in Dubai can provide you with privacy and peace of mind!

Please do not hesitate to contact us by visiting our website or calling us.